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Tired of Working So Hard & Seeing Barely Any Progress?

Get the Clarity, Confidence, and Momentum to move you to your next level. High Performance + Relationships = Success

Want High Performance?

Learn the EXACT HABITS of the top 15% of the world's most successful people so you can make the difference in the world that only you can make.  

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Want Strong High Performing Teams?

Become an influential leader, knowing how to build your people (whether that's at work or at home) to be their best, accomplish more, all while allowing everyone to shine. 

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Want Long-lasting Passion?

Success without fulfillment is losing. Build a passionate, long-lasting love that makes your life worth living, without sacrificing your professional success.  

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Get Cutting Edge, Proven High Performance, Leadership & Relationship strategies from MyRelationshipGenie (that's me!)


"Success is doing what you were created to do and creating magnificent relationships along the way."

-Genie Goodwin

"Genie Goodwin is a master communicator at unveiling clear, practical, actionable strategies that will help you create deeper, richer, more fulfilling relationships to fuel genuine success. Her wisdom and understanding is in helping people and organizations build relationships that can outlast any challenges that come their way."

Ford Taylor
The FSH Group, Transformational Leadership Founder

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