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Relationships require a specific skill set that anyone can learn. 

You can learn to use the hard times to build closer healthier relationships. 

Want to understand what your spouse really thinks?  

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Be happy. Feel cherished. Rebuild Trust. 


I can teach you the exact steps you need to Unleash Love, and take your relationship to new heights, no matter what you’ve been through. 

I’m here to help you. 

In my book, you’ll learn new ways to relate and communicate that can affect your relationship overnight.

Realize that this takes specific steps.  Most people don’t know these, and do the wrong things, causing more damage.

You are different, because you're here. 

In my best-selling book I will teach you step by step communication secrets to get your wants and needs fulfilled easily, using disagreements and kerfuffles. 

By following the steps in my book, you can change the way you communicate and connect with your spouse.

The simple playbook anyone can use to drastically improve your connection, trust, happiness or passion in ANY relationship.

You both can have a happier life.

When you hear me - I feel seen.

When we are heard - We connect deeper.

When we understand - We feel cherished.

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How to Win Her & Influence Him is your SHORTCUT

It is NOT about who's right & who's wrong.

It is NOT about listening more.

It is NOT about talking more.

It is NOT about giving more.

It is NOT about counseling or therapy.

It is NOT about them wanting to work on it with you - yet these secrets will increase your connection, trust and communication MORE than anything else you've tried.

Fighting, growing apart, and apathy are symptoms of a specific problem that can be hard to see (that's the bad news), but a lot easier to fix than you think (that's the good news). Inside the book you will find the actual playbook we created after working with thousands of people, perfecting what works in real relationships to heal even the most painful, stubborn problems.  You now have access to simple wisdom, tips, steps and actual words that we've used to transform relationships over and over again.

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