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Weird Ways Men Warn You Something Is Wrong In the Relationship

communication Feb 22, 2019

Most women think they understand men, the truth is they don't. Men warn you when there is something wrong, but women miss the warnings and handle it in a way that causes more problems. Check these warnings.

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Weird Ways Women Warn You Something is Wrong in the Relationship

communication Feb 11, 2019

Most men don't understand women, but the truth is they warn you when there is a problem in the relationship.  Here's a few of the weird warnings.

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Stopping Him From Taking Credit for Your Ideas


So many women get frustrated when a man takes credit for their ideas.  It can make them feel invisible, like it's not worth trying. Here's some easy strategies to get credit for your brilliance and create better partnerships and teams.

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Are Fish Depressed?


Depression is so common that we are finding anti-depressants in fish! But it doesn't need to be common for you... watch this blog and I'll share 3 powerful and simple ways to stop depression from holding you captive.  

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The Stranger Who Healed My Heart

confidence fear Jan 08, 2019

I was shocked at what he did, I was even more shocked at the effect it had on me.

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Impotent vs. Energized Goals

goals resolutions Jan 04, 2019

If you are part of the majority who don't set New Years resolutions or goals for your life, you might have impotent goals.  Watch this to see how to quickly energize your goals and your life.

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Finish Strong


When you've had it and nothing you have done is want to give up, don't! Finish Strong.

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Stopping Him From Interrupting You and Cutting You Off

communication Dec 31, 2018

One of the biggest complaints women have about men is, they don't listen. They just cut you off and tell you want to do...this can be very painful.  Here's a quick simple solution.

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The #1 Thing

exhaustion quit stress Oct 23, 2018

Day after day, week after week, stress, headaches, unending problems... we've all been through it. Here's the #1 Thing to Achieving your dreams...

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Handling It When People Treat You Badly

quit stress Oct 17, 2018

How do you handle it when someone treats you badly and you don't deserve it?  Watch this.

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