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When Your Motivation Has Gotten Up and Left


That's the time you need to activate the Power of Wanting.

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Growing Apart & Disengagement


It happens in all relationships, you start out excited and then begin to grow apart, to think you are doing the best you can but the other person is not.  The solution is simple.

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Disagreement: Mask or No Mask?


Can you a remember a time you had a disagreement with someone, you found a way to resolve it and ended up feeling closer to them and trusting them more because you came through the disagreement together?  I’ll bet you can... because that is a normal result of resolving disagreements.  It’s just that we can all also think of times when that didn’t happen… many, many times it didn’t happen, probably too many times it didn’t happen!

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Dealing with Icy, Angry Silence


What does a woman do when he didn’t keep his word, you’re angry and he takes it out on you? It happens more often than you think and the solution is easier than you think.

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Alone Together 4: Just Do Your Job, he said!


How do you get a team member to show up?

Do you yell at them, " Just do your job?"

If you're stressed out, the answer is probably yes.  Let me give you some much better strategies. 

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Alone Together 3: Feeling Abandoned & Lonely


Times are hard right now, we're all dealing with creating a new normal.  What can you do when you feel lonely and abandoned by your partner? Here is a simple 3 step solution to reconnect quickly.

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Alone Together 2: Why Do I Have to Do All The Work?!


When you can't get the help you need, it can be frustrating, maddening, even depressing.  Here's how you can Axe the problems easily.

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Dealing with a Cheater Without Losing Your Mind

cheater high performance Apr 19, 2020

It seems like when people get stressed the cheaters come out of the woodwork. What can you do? Watch this.

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The True Essentials


In the hardest times, when life is on the line, you MUST get back to the essentials. Just what are those...

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Dealing with Discouragement


Discouragement is dangerous... it can cost you your ambitions, your progress, your relationships, much more than you are willing to pay.  Here are some simple and powerful ways you can deal with discouragement like a High Performer.

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