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Dealing with Discouragement


Discouragement is dangerous... it can cost you your ambitions, your progress, your relationships, much more than you are willing to pay.  Here are some simple and powerful ways you can deal with discouragement like a High Performer.

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My Hero Was a Grumpy Old Man


He would snap at me, bark answers at me... and I couldn't wait to spend time with him.

Grumpy doesn't scare me!

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He was Struggling With the Right Thing to Do...


He need clarity of what was right and what was wrong for him... or so he thought.  The real problem was his congruence. 

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Got Jealousy?


It can be really tricky dealing with jealousy... unless you know the easy secret!

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The "D" Word that Destroys Your Productivity


You work hard, you have big dreams, but this "D" word can destroy it all.  Decimate this "D" word with 5 simple steps. 

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#1 Key to Building a New Habit


Your habits are running your life... if you want to change your life, change your habits. But don't forget this key to building habits (or it won't stick!).

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The Worst Thing You Can Do In a Crisis


When you are in a crisis...this makes it soooo much worse, steals your power, your focus, your energy.  

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