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The Text That Destroyed A Relationship


She was so angry at this text. She said she wanted to never speak to this person again. It was all on line, and the fix was so easy.

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Men Can't Handle Strong Women?


She was adamant when she said to me, "Genie, men can't handle strong women, they fold like a deck of cards!" Honestly, not only was she adamant, but she was bitter about it.  It was causing real problems... I had to show her what the truth was.


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Cure for a Bad Day


Bad days, we all have them. That's why I'm sharing The Cure for your next bad day.

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It Was Humiliating


I was standing on a stage and they were inspecting me, writing notes of everything I did wrong. It was terrifying. I had to figure out how to step up fearlessly.

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How to Inspire Others to Step Up


My favorite thing to do is to coach people into a breakthrough. I didn't know I was doing something that guaranteed they wouldn't step up. Learn the most powerful thing you must do first to inspire others and create the influence you need to.

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Install A New Habit in 1 Day Instead of 21


Your habits ARE determining your life... even the bad ones! Intentionally setting a habit for high performance is one of the most important things you can do. Learn how to do it in one day instead of twenty-one.  

If you want to apply for a free High Performance strategy session to learn what habits High Performers have click here: 

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Tension So Thick You Could Cut It With A Knife


He was furious, I was confused and frustrated and we were facing an 18 hour drive!  I needed help fast or this would be a disaster.  This is how I cut the tension. 

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She Was Nervous About a Hard Conversation


She'd put it off too long and she knew it, but this was a hard conversation that she didn't want to have with him; she was nervous.  She didn't have to be once she knew how to have a hard conversation.

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He said, How many times do we have to go through this?


He was so frustrated with her, it was the same old problem over and over again. He just wanted her to get over it and stop talking about it. He had no idea, that was what made it worse!

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He Deeply Hurt Me and I Can't Get Past It


That's what she said, Genie, he's deeply hurt me and I can't get past it.  It was affecting her work, her family, her health.  She needed a breakthrough.  She got it!

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